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Coyote Brothers

        I cannot express enough how grateful I/my family are for the Brotherhood and prayer group!  Grandma Jones has been thru 2 bouts of cancer/treatment and has been declared cancer-free for the second time.


Also the brotherhood prayer group helped the young man that fell a year and a half ago...survive and thrive...he is close to 100% health and is living back on the Hutterite farm with his family.  He/Maguire Iron are so thankful for Gods answered prayers. 


Please continue to pray for Connor Roemen as he is going to Florida to go thru intensive therapy for his recovery from automobile accident.


The power of group prayer is amazing and I can’t thank all of you enough for your thoughts/prayers!  This is an amazing group of men that have bonded thru the decades with a common goal-"To do Good in the World"  May God bless you all with answering all of our prayers in His time!

Thank you Brothers!!!  FAITH and FIGHT South Dakota!

Scott Jones-'86-Captain

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